We’re always on the lookout for volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a part of our cause, check out the many opportunities available at MatsaRigi CBO. If you don’t find anything that stands out to you but still want to help, please contact us to make other arrangements.

We intend to incorporate volunteer programs in the project that will provide the project with general and specific skills and experience required in almost every area in our day to day running of the organization which includes but not limited to office administration, teaching, artwork, skills training, medical care, community activities, counseling, construction of facilities, farming activities

The organization will appreciate and value the two –way relationship between the organization and volunteers who are committed to offer volunteer program that not only assists the organization work but also satisfies volunteer needs and expectations.

We intend at recruiting and maintaining the right volunteers both locally and internationally to help us reach our objectives and mission volunteers gain and experience.

We also aim at building strong and connected communities that foster diversity in all our work areas based on the belief that diverse cultural backgrounds, abilities, skills and perspectives will represent benefit for the organization, making it more efficient, sensitive, and respectful and cross culturally aware.