Our Team

Sara Müller - Okello

Co-founder and Director

For over 4 years I have been a fully involved in leading within the nonprofit space. You may know me from my work as the ‘President’ of Kenya Swiss Connection (KSC), an association for Kenyans in Switzerland. I can also be credited with contributions to other community services especially in children’s education. As the founder of the Matsarigi CBO my passion for charity can be traced back during my younger days as a student in high school and as a tour operator at UTC Mombasa, Kenya. Growing up in Malindi and having to cover a 32kms daily trekking to school bearfoot inspired me to bring changes to the village of Matsangoni. I am the link between Matsarigi Kenya and it’s partners in Switzerland.

Robert Rapudo

Project Administrator

With my education and experience in social development, I have been working my entire life to improve my communities in Kenya. Living in Kenya gives me the responsibility of being the eyes and ears of the organisation and the liaison between Kenya and Switzerland. I am driven to work hard so that we can create and realise the right projects that impact the lives of this community in a positive and long lasting way.

Ana von Bock

Co-funder and Director

Having worked for over 15 years within different multinational corporations all over the world, I discovered my passion for philanthropy and social impact investment. My dream is to utilize all my experiences and knowledge to help our Kenyan program grow and become a reality, changing the lives and future of the families in the community we work with.
I am very happy and grateful to be working with our dedicated team members and volunteers to make our dream come true!

Janet Kakala

Senior Teacher
Maftah Issa