Sustainable Farming

Matsarigi CBO introduced a farming program as a means of income generating activities among the needy families and also an additional food production to the school feeding program. The cassava project which is our staple farming product is the only crop that can survive the harsh climate in our project location in the Coastal Region of Kenya where latitudes are usually very high.
The cassava crop is valuable in so many different ways in Kenya and its demand is usually high when the yield is a plus.

The anticipated value addition of cassava to the economy are as follows:

            • Boiled or fried cassava used as snacks by our students
            • Cassava chips packed and sold in local shops and supermarkets
            • Dried pounded cassava as food
            • Cassava cakes and biscuits
            • Cassava starch and derivatives used in the processing industries
            • Cassava leaves used fresh or dried and packed food
            • Cassava peels used as roughage and livestock feeds