Quality education

It is still quite apparent that unless we equip our children academically, they may end up with no sustainable future. As Matsarigi CBO, we intend to a tailored education and customized to fit our children’s needs and that of future market demands.
It is also true that excellence education structures are the basic component towards a successful student’s re-integration back to the community. Matsarigi has an obligation to play through the provision of quality education to her children. Through education children are empowered with ability to create an enabling environment to work in in future. Matsarigi plays a fundamental role to ensure that this program is accomplished to enable children develop into responsible citizens of the country.

Lunch Feeding Program

Through the Matsarigi CBO lunch feeding program, this have encouraged many children to be attending schools regularly and thus a step to brightening their future. The children are usually served with lunch meals every day during school days.
Also, through our endeavors to promote quality education to our learners, the lunch feeding programs has enhanced our students with ability to perform much better through their various class activities hence this has created a positive impact in their learning process.
The feeding program was also to ensure that children stay in school every day as a matter of motivation through quality feeding program. Also due to economic hardship in many families whose children are attached to the program, we realized that learners would either discontinue with their learning process due to lack of lunch meals back at home, this is because some families cannot even afford to give their young children breakfast because they can only afford one meal in a day. We have continued to realize a positive turn out of learners to school every day which has also motivated the institution to have a better future plans for children attached to the program.