According to World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of being physically and emotionally stable. According to the government of Kenya, Health policy is one of the key roles that the government plays to fulfill the safety of her citizens in general. As Matsarigi CBO endeavors to achieve her primary health care services to the target groups in the community, there is an obligation to play in relevant to that of the government through the provision of both curative and preventive measures of health care among the community members who are health disadvantaged.

On dimensional change Matsarigi looks forward to establish initiatives that will be able to enable her meet the needs of children in need of primary health care, expectant mothers, the aged, physically and mentally disabled persons and the ill persons who are experiencing medical dilemma in our community.

Community Empowerment

As Matsarigi CBO continues to work for children who are vulnerable in the community through the provision of quality education programs, the organization has developed a strong partnership with the community and other community related departments working towards empowering community initiatives. Through an extensive network with the local authorities we have been able to provide an extensive intervention to our children and also been able to put emphasis on the importance of working with women and youths in the project community.
Matsarigi CBO being a family’s empowerment project in Kilifi County, this program is aimed at strengthening families in their efforts of protecting and caring for their vulnerable children as compared to the food baskets that we give when we get good harvest in our cassava farm as we did previously with maize produced from our farm. In this program we hope to support only the families who are living under difficult circumstances to an extent of their children being at a great risk of joining child labor, child prostitution or early teenage marriage among other risks.
During the establishment of this organization, many families had no hope in future but today we can stand out and witness what marvelous results we have achieved. We are humbled by the fact that many children who could not join schools at the onset of their school going ages have a ray of hope in life today.
Also through an extensive network with the local authorities, we have been able to provide an extensive intervention to our women and youths within their various groups to put more emphasis on the importance of income generating activities, healthy living programs and networking with other like-minded organizations so that their pleas can best be addressed with an aim of poverty eradication.