Our focus is to build equality across society in all streams through a successful implementation of our principle core objectives to all vulnerable children and families of Kilifi North. This will also enhance an access to spaces and information for the youths. More so to provide opportunities to the oppressed groups e.g. the orphaned, women living with distress, the jobless youths, and vulnerable children who are in emergence need of the facility. All these shall be done in an effort to lobby support to alleviate their plight and improving their situation by giving them quality care suitable for a specific individual need.

Our achievements so far:

          1. Admission of 64 pre-primary (PP1) Children and facilitating their education program
          2. Integration of lunch feeding program (Lunch at school)
          3. Initiating Matsarigi Women group and registering it as a Women Group
          4. Construction of an extra classroom hosting 32 students
          5. Introduction of sustainable farming through vertical gardens
          6. Introduction of cassava farming as an income generating activity
          7. Registering Matsarigi Investment Group.